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Bob Moesta is a Builder, Creator, Maker and Teacher. 

Bob has been an innovator and building things for more than 40 years. He has worked with people like W. Edwards Deming, Dr. Genichi Taguchi, and Prof. Clayton Christensen, Jason Fried & Ryan Singer.  He is one of the principal architects of the Jobs-To-Be-Done theory.  Bob has continued to develop, advance, and apply the innovation framework to everyday business challenges in a wide range of industries. He has dedicated his life to developing products and services that help people make progress in their life.

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Learning to Build: The 5 Bedrock Skills of Innovators and Entrepreneurs

The journey of entrepreneurship and innovation shouldn’t be a solo trip. If you’re missing something, struggling to begin, or have reached a plateau, fellow entrepreneur and innovator Bob Moesta knows your next steps because he’s been there himself. Now, in Learning to Build, Bob helps you develop the five fundamental skills every successful innovator practices to be their best. He provides you with the resources you need to learn these skills, grow through experience, and adapt your mindset.

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