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Mid Market Matters with Craig West

Joining the podcast from Michigan, engineer turned sales expert and CEO of the Re-Wired Group Bob Moesta introduces the topic of demand side sales. Consistently, he has found the number one issue professionals face is sales, despite this being at the cornerstone of every business. What’s more, most professionals find the selling process extremely uncomfortable. Bob insists helping people find the fit between your product and your service is key to sales, in addition to the notion of serving people, rather than selling people. This understanding of why we buy to improve sales skills is discussed in depth in his book, Demand Side Sales.

Brand Lab Series

In this episode with Bob, you’ll learn about…

  • Flaws in Sales Training and Education

  • What Causes People to Buy

  • How Employees Hire and Fire Companies

  • Breaking Away from a Feature-Function Focus

  • Why Time is More Valuable Than Money

Darryl Praill's Inside Sales

This week on INSIDE Inside Sales, Darryl closes out 2020 by bringing in Bob Moesta, the brilliant scholar and President of The Re-Wired Group to help you on your way to mastering demand-side sales. Darryl and Bob discuss the Buyer’s Timeline and offer extremely valuable advice on how you can better serve your prospects by knowing where they are in their buying process. They share tips such as taking the time to examine what pushed your prospect to make a purchase, how creating friction can create value, and why you need to be more of a concierge or a mentor to your prospects. Learn how to make more sales by seeing the world through your customer’s eyes on this episode of INSIDE Inside Sales!

"Correlation is not causation"
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